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the purpose of this blog is, to document and expose cases of copyright infringement and illegal file sharing, committed by members of divers piracy groups on yahoo, google and other platforms. Each case published on this blog is proven by documents, which you can receive as a copy, if you send a mail to abuse(at)nkdigitalart(dot)us. The NKDA Team hopes to be of service to the community by exposing IP's of pirates (people who share the products of others without permission and/or against the will of the copyright holder), so other small business owners can protect themselves or at least be aware of the problem

This blog is not about 'shares by accident' , but it will be updated regular with cases of ORGANIZED piracy on social platforms, which can and will be proofed due investigation by forensic digital experts in co operation with a lawyer, specialized in international copyright law.

The postings on this blog will also show, how much of these illegal activities are organized and well planned with the goal to destroy small businesses and online stores period by threatening store owners either way to comply to the pirate's demands or to suffer the consequences in form of excessive file sharing of pay-to-use products.

additional postings about piracy generally and social structures in groups and/or social networks will also be published here.

the authors of this blog do not give legal advice, only sharing experiences and the results of research. For further steps you might want to take, please consult your attorney at law.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Miss Rosie - or - how a group can go from bad to worse

a designer 'dared' to complain to a piracy group member about illegal sharing of their products - below the complaint and the reaction of the newly appointed or 'elevated' group owner (who is a well known pirate and also know for her nasty writing style when she has been 'cornered')

another one, who doesn't understand or refuses to realize what a 'non transferable license' is
No, Ms Rosie or whoever you are - you cannot give away what you buy since you do not buy the artwork or element or paper but a 'NON TRANSFERABLE LICENSE OF USAGE'

you can use it according to the designer's TOU
you cannot share it (non transferable)
you cannot call it 'yours' since you only buy a license and NOT the artwork itself

now repeat that 50 times and it might even sink in to the most wooden pirate heads lol

how anybody can come to the idea, that a complex scrap kit which took many hours to be completed, can change the owner for 3.50 USD lol, use some common sense folks! What you are talking about is custom work or commission (for which the rights can be sold) but you won't get those as cheap as a regular kit. Tz tz, pitiful lack of information and refusal to learn or even to read a designer's TOU (which they mostly remove before uploading to their RS accounts to keep the newbies ignorant about their doings)

for all my designing friends and artists
ban this one from your store if you don't care for your products to be spread around and be harassed and discriminated on top of it. Even if I don't know if she ever buys a kit, better safe than sorry, right?

just read the email, this person wrote to her piracy snake pit she calls a group, she sure has an imperial attitude and makes even Henry VIII looking quite pale. But maybe the unexpected leadership was a bit much for Rosie, quite a piece of work to send all the hateful mails and threats every day and keep the level of information down to the absolute minimum for the group members, who also have some innocent group rookies amongst them, who 'learn' from all kind of low lifes how to cheat, steal and take what isn't theirs. The change of the ownership in this group made it going from bad to worse.

Rosie, Rosie - don't be worried about your group and the members thereof - 4 pirates and the rest of it designers lol, not so great for spreading pay to use products around without getting reported. one does not have to wonder, why this group is in trouble since they opened.

I am looking forward to your next move or mail (which always are greatly amusing)

well, maybe one day Rosie learns to keep her paws off things which don't belong to her - until then, just lets go on and file those complaints. Remember - always file them to yahoo AND email provider for the maximum effect

Rosie's email adress (the current one and one of many as I assume) is (I don not think she will ever use this one to buy at your store though lol)

now here is her IP - screenshots of the original mail below, also an excerpt of the polite mail, one of the designers wrote to a group member (click the images, so you can read it properly)

below is the provider info with the abuse adress
(btw. the original email can be provided for those who have a justifiable interest in it or don't 'believe' screen shots, just mail to )

OriginAS: AS7992
NetName: CGOC-9BLK
NetHandle: NET-67-193-0-0-1
Parent: NET-67-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
Comment: Send email to for abuse/security
Comment: issues.
RegDate: 2007-07-20
Updated: 2008-05-08

RTechHandle: IPSER5-ARIN
RTechName: IP Services
RTechPhone: +1-905-333-7055

OrgAbuseHandle: INTER3-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse and Security
OrgAbusePhone: +1-905-333-5343

OrgTechHandle: INS2-ARIN
OrgTechName: IP Network Service
OrgTechPhone: +1-905-333-7055

Friday, February 5, 2010

Randi Andreasen

piracy, copyright infringement, mass sharing of whatever comes under her fingers
this one is persistent but not untouchable though, complaints are filed and will be processed by yahoo, no problem with Randi, she will give a lot to complain about in the future and repeat her offending and damaging activities. always remember - it is not done with taking links down, the complaints are what counts - so do your homework and file them, hit those thieves where it hurts - get their internet connection

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