statement of purpose

the purpose of this blog is, to document and expose cases of copyright infringement and illegal file sharing, committed by members of divers piracy groups on yahoo, google and other platforms. Each case published on this blog is proven by documents, which you can receive as a copy, if you send a mail to abuse(at)nkdigitalart(dot)us. The NKDA Team hopes to be of service to the community by exposing IP's of pirates (people who share the products of others without permission and/or against the will of the copyright holder), so other small business owners can protect themselves or at least be aware of the problem

This blog is not about 'shares by accident' , but it will be updated regular with cases of ORGANIZED piracy on social platforms, which can and will be proofed due investigation by forensic digital experts in co operation with a lawyer, specialized in international copyright law.

The postings on this blog will also show, how much of these illegal activities are organized and well planned with the goal to destroy small businesses and online stores period by threatening store owners either way to comply to the pirate's demands or to suffer the consequences in form of excessive file sharing of pay-to-use products.

additional postings about piracy generally and social structures in groups and/or social networks will also be published here.

the authors of this blog do not give legal advice, only sharing experiences and the results of research. For further steps you might want to take, please consult your attorney at law.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Stormy aka Blondscreations again

again its her - sharing my products in yahoo groups even if she had more than one warning before. Stormy - this time it will have consequences and I can only warn other designers, check for your stuff, make sure she owns the licenses she uses and that her license numbers are not faked ones

 screenshot of the original email below and more to come, just received another one where she distributes my latest release. This one is persistent in her attempt to bring small business owners down, i don't know why she does it, guess it is just the jealousy of absolutely talent free people, who never did a damn thing by themselves and depend on others to create the stuff they abuse so freely. be assured Stormy aka blondscreations , i will contact every license company and the artists I know to have them check on your licenses, I wouldn't wonder if the most of them are faked since you get all the downloads from piracy groups and divers forums. People like her need to be stopped, one way or the other.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pando Stars - group take down by yahoo this afternoon

Goodbye Pando Stars 

- or - how a group owner together with 3-4 other members managed to get a 700 member group shut down in less than 24 hours after the first complaint has been filed

click here to read the whole story and see the original mails

a note to the ex owner of this group: your attempt to black mail me into taking this posting down was not your best idea ever. I will not be told by you or anyone, what to publish as long as it follows the TOU of blog spot. Be assured, I am compliant with blogspot and more than one person has attempted to shut me up without success. that is how it will stay. I refuse to comply to your demands and await your public apology for the last threatening mail during the next 24 hours, otherwise I will proceed in this matter. If you have no way to publish an apology, I will do that for your, please contact me in this matter if necessary.

Pando Stars - the family pirates with skills

long time - no see - but here I am back with news from the bottom of the pirate pit. I did something unforgivable today - YESSS go figure! I send a mail to a person, who attempted to share my products (after she shared oodles of other designer's products). I told her not to share my PTU products and this is what happened:

The poor lass got all upset and called a normal 'cease and desist' notification harassment ( I had to simplify this notice for her to make it more understandable, without all the stuff my lawyer drew up for me, simple mind need simple words, right?)

Spazzy, we all know how easily you loose your temper and go into a tantrum or pouting, even if a member only talks normal to you and is on top of it one of 'your kind' (pirate I mean lol, I watched the drama before with those angelic bundle shares and no drama shares and whatever your fellow inmates conjured up to get you all rallied up, your threats to leave the group are never too serious anyway, where would be your stage for your tantrums if you leave every group who doesn't agree with your shares lololol) don't leave lol, you are a yielding source of amusement for many.

make a long story short - a whole bunch of wannabe pirates started a kind of mini war against me by sharing my products excessively. It was what I expected out of a copyright and law ignorant group of people, who obviously don't have anything else to do all day long than to sit on their butts and hit the forward buttons (or the upload button) (or both at the same time?)Heck,Imade it through many illegal shares before and I am still alive and kicking (while some pirates got burned on the way)

of course the appropriate action will be taken in this case as in every other one, every single link is a drop of evidence and by now I have enough material (and will get more by tomorrow as I expect). Thanks to their ignorance they don't realize that they deliver more and more munition for extended DMCA complaints to divers places.

The way those strange people express themselves is carried by ' excellent skills in profane language lol, I learned a few new words which I don't intend to use. I wonder if they talk the same way to their offspring and teach them the same values........well, dirt talks dirty - as we know and since they have no arguments, they just try to scream louder than the rest of us. It is a question of upbringing and an IQ below average as you will learn, when look up pathological behaving of primates in a confrontation with opponents they can't match.

Now, dear reader, I know I made you curious what this is all about lol - bare with me and check back tomorrow, I will publish the original emails right here at the forum.

It reached a level of disgust, even for some decent group members of pando stars,  who wrote to me, apologizing for the whole group, because it was even too much for them to take.

But of course, since the group owner herself leads her obedient minions on and encourages illegal filesharing and art theft, supported by some no brainers who scream 'yippieh!!' to every bad idea, if it is only uttered loud and profane enough - there is a strong tendency recognizable amongst the members to 'howl with the pack' and to go on doing what everyone does, no matter if it causes trouble or not.
(the rest turns their heads and stays out of trouble, other designers are happy it didn't hit them this time lol, this also is a common thing, who wants to be marked as 'rat' by only writing their honest opinion about those grown up kindergarten kiddies or wants to be the next target of a bunch of grown women, more than likely all on the same pms scheduler lol.)

oh no - no trouble for me, mind you, only for the ones initiating, organizing, supporting and carrying on violating my copyrights in a poor attempt to destroy my business.

off to sort all the paper stuff - see you soon to updates in this case, it will stay interesting I can promise you that.

to your question why you cannot subscribe to this blog - it is for your own protection and you can always access it from my main blog anyway :)

to the ones who tried to hack my store - sore attempt script kiddies, you need to go back to the books or ask someone who has a clue lol. (now don't you throw a tantrum again, it is all about learning you know, about reading and understanding (no it is not done with hitting a download button). Every serious hacker (which are highly intelligent people with a special codex of honor)  will refuse to work with such gossips, they are careful folks and will not get the apples out of the fire for you, taking a risk and by your loose mouth suffer the consequences of your battles lol)

have a good night

Monday, August 30, 2010

attention group owners - a troll is on the way lol

Hi all,
i just had a lengthy email conversation with a lady named SusieQ (nooo not Suzi Quattro for them who still remember her, she also had that nickname, great performer by the way)

now, this SusieQ told me she will join some yahoo groups to spread lies and slander about me. the last group she did that got shot down yesterday and she's looking for a new home.

be aware - even if she is a real funny girl and will give people who like drama their money worth with intelligent postings and information - she comes with a few others right behind her and before you know it, your group is in my headlines when harassment and copyright infringement has been spread by her and her companions. as I could experience in pando stars, she is not really a leader type, but reacts very fast to flaming and always feels animated to break the group rules in any way she can, don't know why, maybe she needs some attention? That is not for me to say, i am just dazzled by her bright personality and the colorful way she expresses herself , flaming bright is all I can say lol.
so if your group is boring and you need to add some drama for the sake of entertainment - send little susie an invitation, she will make your day.

if you rather want your group to be relaxed and content without hassle of infringement reports etc.

be aware of this yahoo profile or email addy:
X-eGroups-Msg-Info: 1:12:0:0:0
From: susieQs
X-Yahoo-Profile: shemenway46

keep your groups troll safe

Thursday, June 24, 2010

‘Piracy Is Theft, Clean and Simple’ US Vice President Says

Obama administration comes up with a plan to fight copyright infringement not only on a big scale but also for small ecommerce businesses - way to go Barack and Joe!

June 22, 2010 
Vice President Joe Biden introduced the Joint Strategic Plan to fight intellectual property theft today. In his speech Biden declared war on ‘pirate’ websites, both foreign and domestic.
The United States Government has made plans on how to tackle copyright infringement related issues in the coming years and make business easier for copyright owners and victims of digital piracy online and offline. The first Joint Strategic Plan of Obama’s administration to combat intellectual property infringement was unveiled on June 22 2010
click on 'the white house blog' to read the article

The White House Blog

Releasing the Joint Strategic Plan to Combat Intellectual Property Theft

Monday, June 21, 2010

RapidPoints and RapidDonations to be discontinued

Reward programme: RapidPoints and RapidDonations to be discontinued

publication June 18, 2010 -
read more

Sunday, June 20, 2010

link wars - or - is there no way to bring a fellow pirate down if they steal 'my' links?

Hi all readers,
did you ever think about the people out there in the sharing-caring community with their sensible little souls and what we, the inhumane and greedy copyright holders, do to them by filing complaints or banning them from our stores to protect the fruits of our daily work? No? Well, good for you, it would be compassion wasted, I ensure you.

They claim just to want to 'help others', to get things for free they cannot afford to buy. In times with thousands of free kits and stuff, which are available all over the net - it seems to be an absolute necessity to get the pay to use stuff also in order to make it through the day. (or is it only a necessity for the pirates to collect more rapidshare points?) The bad thing is - those 'others' are mostly the ones getting caught sharing what they received and are shocked when they receive divers complaints, warnings or even 'threats' from yahoo to stop them in their doings, they say 'I just shared what has been shared with me, it is not my fault.' Oh yes, it is, too! you shared a product which clearly states 'do not share -pay to use'. This should not be hard to understand unless you are an illiterate or blind (but in this case - what would you do in a sharing group, you have to be at least able to read in order to participate or lurk...hmm.....maybe it is only occasional blindness what made you sharing one of those things stating 'do not share'). I rather came to the conclusion, that you just don't give a sh.. and plan to go on ignoring such labels on previews. Your excuse is lame, admit it. Come up with a better story if you want to impress the copyright holders, they hear this BS 10 times a day and are quite immunized against compassion and regards for your situation as 'victimized' snaggersharer. As a matter of fact, to dish up such a plain lie could rather make the copyright holder chasing you like a rabbit all over your groups until they find a way to stop you once and for all. The other excuse I often hear is 'They made me sharing it, they wanted me to share it" Who is 'they' and why are you never willing to tell on those people harassing you or threatening you if you don't share what you receive? Come on - save the tale for someone who has more heart than brains. Ignorance does not keep you safe from getting reported and any further lie only makes it worse.

But I am getting off the topic a bit, back to our sharing Robin Hoods of this world. Oh don't we all wish to have such angels amongst us, filling our every need for the most senseless things without payment or even recognition? They must be the best people in the world, to care so much for one another and help themselves and others to products they didn't pay for. thanks to tools like rapidshare uploaders, pando etc. their job has been made easy. They share in anonymity, switching names and identities like chameleons, just for the sake to help others, how selfless they are indeed.

Strange enough that these are the same people raising hell, if one of their fellow pirates takes such a link (which leads to goods produced and created by working people which the pirates share without consent, permission or even consideration for the copyright holder), downloads this link and then dare to share it from their own RS account or with pando.

OH you should see those angels of humanity when that happens, hell hath no fury, they start up on one another like a bunch of wild dogs, trying all in the world to defame their adversaries and don't hesitate to call on the establishment (which they want to beat so badly) for help, when they don't see another way to bring other pirates down.

Dear pirates - I am sorry to see all you innocent darlings involved in a war you started amongst yourself. Lately you don't seem to be so much into getting other peoples hard work, rather in getting other pirates illegal links and distribute them in your very own way.

No, members of the sharing community, there is no way to report someone for 'stealing' another s illegal link lol, the only one who can report a link and have it taken down is the copyright holder or a representative of them, authorized to act in their name. (Now, don't you start faking such authorizations - believe me, RS and others check thoroughly before they take links down. and no, faked emails won't pass for valid either as some of you already had to learn lol.

Watch it fellow designers and artists, helpful people reporting links to you might not be who you think they are. Never fall for just their word about who the sharing culprit was - they are absolutely able to dish you a lie just to frame one of their sharing colleagues.

Take the links down, yes, but before you report the one who 'obviously' shared it - ask your informant for the original email header and put it through a scan (see links at the right side of this blog), this will show you pretty quickly if the header is real and valid or if it is just a tempered with email. Be aware of pirates who try to utilize you, just for framing other pirates and get them off the net.

We learn as we go - all of us, sometimes even the pirates. Willing to read all about how to report other pirates for stealing their links but not willing to read the basics about copyright law and to act accordingly.

Dear Pirates - it is Sunday, do something good and switch your computer off for a day, give one another and the copyright holders a break. Relax and think about something nice, anything is fine as long as it does not require an internet connection. Maybe since you all get so upset about someone 'stealing' your links - you could think about how people feel when you steal their WORK. I doubt they like what you do and since they worked for it (i mean WORKED, not clicked a button to upload) they might get pretty upset about your doings. Don't say you haven't been warned lol.

To all fellow designers - keep up filing complaints and reports, don't back down from this unorganized bunch of thieves who is fighting one another, they are not half as 'powerful' as they want to make you believe. they only learned that a designer has to work in order to survive and with their doings they want to stop and distract you in every possible way.

Don't fall for it and give in, even if you think you will find a way to get along, accepting other peoples life style and different views - they will not stop sharing your stuff, never believe this a second. with every designer complying to their illegal doings - they weaken the resistance against digital piracy. Every one who lets them do it, contributes themselves in a passive way to illegal file sharing of this gimme gimme society, who think they have to have every thing no matter what and believe they are entitled to your work without paying you.

One more thing before I get off my soap box - would someone please go and steal a Porsche 911 for me? I cannot by any means afford one and want one sooo badly - where are the sharing caring people of this world lolololol??????? and yes, I want a black one if possible lol. but I guess I have to work some more and buy one, since this beautiful vehicle cannot be uploaded to rapidshare or pando lol.

have a nice Sunday, all of you
sincerely yours,
dedicated to the cause

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lawyers? - Or just some pirates ?

During our journey through the depth of DMCA complaints, cease and desist letters and divers conversations with potential copyright infringing people we found out something astounding we just have to share with you, dearest reader.

whenever the infringing party receive such complaints (and after the 10th time we warn them finally decide to contact us) - they tell us they are lawyers!! copyright lawyers on top of it!
Some of them are not quite as bold and say 'one of their family members is a lawyer '(a copyright lawyer lol), don't want to take all the credits for their doings, but rather hide behind uncle or brother (or neighbor or milkman or whomever they have on their mind pushing forward as copyright specialist (those poor 'victims' probably don't even know about their 'elevation' lol).

Now, valued reader, isn't that strange?
Copyright lawyers all over the place and still they are so much wanted by well paying clients all over the world? Is it that the salary of a copyright lawyer is not as attractive as sitting at home and uploading files -or do they have no clients to take care of ?(what does not speak for the quality of their 'service'.

Hmmmm....maybe the copyright lawyers nowadays are doing those illegal uploads in their lunch break - maybe between two cases? As a kind of 'office sport'??? Maybe it is their 'dark side' breaking through and they finally want to commit a crime by themselves to see how the other side feels???

Nooo!! - NOW I KNOW!!! they want to attract new clients by sharing their stuff first and then offering help ROFL!!!! (by disclosing information about their pirate friends' IP's and addies and groups to us???) Well, we will sure recommend you to other store owners, who surely already have a copyright lawyer and probably don't need your business after all lol.

This is a nice try, dear pirates ,associates and script kiddies,  but rest assured, we sleep well, knowing now, that some of our customers might be lawyers, copyright lawyers, who watch over us like a mother hen over the chicks.But then - we already got a lawyer, heck!!- he even has an office and clients, a telephone number and a fax, toooooo!!! Not to mention a staff of legal assistants who support him in his work and is so involved in his work that he has no time for file sharing lol (what a blessing, he ensured us he don't need rapidshare points to get through the day and we tend to believe him)

To make a satirical story short and serious:::::It takes a better story to scare us and we will not be intimidated by your sore attempts to make us comply to digital piracy and file sharing. Not Now! Not Ever!

To our honest and valued customers, scrap designers, hobbyists, card artisans and web designer- we will further try all in our power to serve you and provide you with material you need for your pleasure or business. Beside providing sufficient licenses adjusted to your needs with as much freedom for creating as possible - we will make sure, that others don't steal and distribute what you have paid for at least not without consequences for their doings.

more curiosities from the world of sharing caring groups soon - stay tuned and CR compliant
sincerely yours, dedicated to the cause
Kat and Team

ps. this story is based on collected facts, the relation to real events can be proofed and is documented by NKDigitalArt. Thanks to all, who provided facts and proof, we appreciate your ongoing support, knowing what you are going through by monitoring groups and movements in the digital piracy scene. you are lambs amongst wolves and we understand if you at any point need to drop out of the team. Know that I am right beside you, fighting for the  cause and a coming generation of ecommerce merchants, who might have a better support by the law as it actually has been provided to protect their hard work and efforts from a ruthless and growing pirate community. If we don't stand up for fairness and a safe platform for working creatives - who will? thank you for all you do, KatNKDA

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hi all readers,

due a lack of time I decided not to continue publishing piracy cases in details, but rather to provide helpful links for other victims of digital piracy. Thanks for all emails I received from fellow designers and for your kind support in the effort to slow down piracy and copyright infringement, you can contact me any time for questions or to exchange experiences considering digital piracy, you have my email addy :). The subject is not from the table, only not a priority in my life, as you all know I have to work to make a living and as long as I am focused on those unpleasant and frustrating shares, I cannot give my all to the work I love and the customers of NKDigitalArt.
thanks also to all people out there, who report illegal links to me, your effort does not go unappreciated but is a sign, that not all people out there lost their values and still know right from wrong. My customer support will take appropriate action for every link you report, when we can find out the IP of the person sharing and/or contact the sharing people with a cease and desist notification. I know many of you know by now how to extract email headers and how important they are for follow up reports and the legal 'waterproof' process of it. If you want to help, please always forward also the email header to NKDA. if you don't know how to do this, please mail to my husband, he will be more than happy to explain and guide you through the process is his addy.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Miss Rosie - or - how a group can go from bad to worse

a designer 'dared' to complain to a piracy group member about illegal sharing of their products - below the complaint and the reaction of the newly appointed or 'elevated' group owner (who is a well known pirate and also know for her nasty writing style when she has been 'cornered')

another one, who doesn't understand or refuses to realize what a 'non transferable license' is
No, Ms Rosie or whoever you are - you cannot give away what you buy since you do not buy the artwork or element or paper but a 'NON TRANSFERABLE LICENSE OF USAGE'

you can use it according to the designer's TOU
you cannot share it (non transferable)
you cannot call it 'yours' since you only buy a license and NOT the artwork itself

now repeat that 50 times and it might even sink in to the most wooden pirate heads lol

how anybody can come to the idea, that a complex scrap kit which took many hours to be completed, can change the owner for 3.50 USD lol, use some common sense folks! What you are talking about is custom work or commission (for which the rights can be sold) but you won't get those as cheap as a regular kit. Tz tz, pitiful lack of information and refusal to learn or even to read a designer's TOU (which they mostly remove before uploading to their RS accounts to keep the newbies ignorant about their doings)

for all my designing friends and artists
ban this one from your store if you don't care for your products to be spread around and be harassed and discriminated on top of it. Even if I don't know if she ever buys a kit, better safe than sorry, right?

just read the email, this person wrote to her piracy snake pit she calls a group, she sure has an imperial attitude and makes even Henry VIII looking quite pale. But maybe the unexpected leadership was a bit much for Rosie, quite a piece of work to send all the hateful mails and threats every day and keep the level of information down to the absolute minimum for the group members, who also have some innocent group rookies amongst them, who 'learn' from all kind of low lifes how to cheat, steal and take what isn't theirs. The change of the ownership in this group made it going from bad to worse.

Rosie, Rosie - don't be worried about your group and the members thereof - 4 pirates and the rest of it designers lol, not so great for spreading pay to use products around without getting reported. one does not have to wonder, why this group is in trouble since they opened.

I am looking forward to your next move or mail (which always are greatly amusing)

well, maybe one day Rosie learns to keep her paws off things which don't belong to her - until then, just lets go on and file those complaints. Remember - always file them to yahoo AND email provider for the maximum effect

Rosie's email adress (the current one and one of many as I assume) is (I don not think she will ever use this one to buy at your store though lol)

now here is her IP - screenshots of the original mail below, also an excerpt of the polite mail, one of the designers wrote to a group member (click the images, so you can read it properly)

below is the provider info with the abuse adress
(btw. the original email can be provided for those who have a justifiable interest in it or don't 'believe' screen shots, just mail to )

OriginAS: AS7992
NetName: CGOC-9BLK
NetHandle: NET-67-193-0-0-1
Parent: NET-67-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation
Comment: Send email to for abuse/security
Comment: issues.
RegDate: 2007-07-20
Updated: 2008-05-08

RTechHandle: IPSER5-ARIN
RTechName: IP Services
RTechPhone: +1-905-333-7055

OrgAbuseHandle: INTER3-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse and Security
OrgAbusePhone: +1-905-333-5343

OrgTechHandle: INS2-ARIN
OrgTechName: IP Network Service
OrgTechPhone: +1-905-333-7055

Friday, February 5, 2010

Randi Andreasen

piracy, copyright infringement, mass sharing of whatever comes under her fingers
this one is persistent but not untouchable though, complaints are filed and will be processed by yahoo, no problem with Randi, she will give a lot to complain about in the future and repeat her offending and damaging activities. always remember - it is not done with taking links down, the complaints are what counts - so do your homework and file them, hit those thieves where it hurts - get their internet connection

Received: by with SMTP id r52cs18508wer;
Thu, 4 Feb 2010 16:40:56 -0800 (PST)
Received: by with SMTP id e9mr969434ibz.15.1265330454308;
Thu, 04 Feb 2010 16:40:54 -0800 (PST)
Received: from ( [])
by with SMTP id 34si997381iwn.80.2010.;
Thu, 04 Feb 2010 16:40:53 -0800 (PST)
Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Authentication-Results:; spf=pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender); dkim=pass
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=lima; t=1265330446; bh=SnizkXBSjkrFqhAccUoukOnXLq1kGS+zbXR3z7BdLWc=; h=Received:Received:X-Yahoo-Newman-Id:X-Sender:X-Apparently-To:X-Received:X-Received:X-Received:X-Received:X-Received:In-Reply-To:References:Message-ID:X-Originating-IP:X-eGroups-Msg-Info:From:X-Yahoo-Profile:Sender:MIME-Version:Mailing-List:Delivered-To:List-Id:Precedence:List-Unsubscribe:Date:Subject:X-Yahoo-Newman-Property:Reply-To:Content-Type; b=XKuwSK1DHB8/sIp9H+/88jWkpEUggoVmEypsmRTYxAsO0mPNVZPmg3/w6E+e5AphBOEOeurnT5QA7hwlF19UJu9fw7xH4kJNxHiL3njIb+6ms/V3zxvCZqP5LH4BAhYi
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=lima;;
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 05 Feb 2010 00:40:46 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 05 Feb 2010 00:40:46 -0000
X-Yahoo-Newman-Id: 23144369-m30892
X-Received: (qmail 47134 invoked from network); 5 Feb 2010 00:40:31 -0000
X-Received: from unknown (
by with QMQP; 5 Feb 2010 00:40:31 -0000
X-Received: from unknown (HELO (
by with SMTP; 5 Feb 2010 00:40:29 -0000
X-Received: by vws19 with SMTP id 19so1002608vws.6
for ; Thu, 04 Feb 2010 16:40:28 -0800 (PST)
X-Received: by with SMTP id i22mt5235583vcr.65.1265330427382;
Thu, 04 Feb 2010 16:40:27 -0800 (PST)
In-Reply-To: <4a9a0f43.00000a.03904@sanne-dell>
References: <4a9a0f43.00000a.03904@sanne-dell>
Message-ID: <>
X-eGroups-Msg-Info: 1:5:0:0:0
From: Randi Andreasen
X-Yahoo-Profile: birgitteaofir
MIME-Version: 1.0
Mailing-List: list; contact
Delivered-To: mailing list
Precedence: bulk
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2010 01:40:25 +0100
Subject: [A_Megaupload_Rapidshare_Group] 2 Previews & ZIPS Bling Alphas [2 Attachments]
X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: groups-email-ff-m
Content-Type: multipart/related;

Sunday, January 31, 2010

the pirates got your stuff and share it - what YOU can do

the pirates got your stuff and share it - what can you do

there is actually a lot you can do, here are some options

1. step - the 'Cease And Desist' letter
can be of help if the one who is sharing is a 'sharer by accident' or out of dis consideration.
I will upload a model CD letter and link to it as soon as possible.
tip:: if the culprit replies in an insulting way, you can on top of the infringement file against harassment. you have the right to contact and confront them, keep the mails they send to you and rejoice in every insult, this speeds up your case even more.

2. step - the complaints
against the platform where your stuff has been shared (google groups, yahoo groups, blogspot etc.)
against the provider of the infringing party
you find this provider by extracting the header of an email, the provider or ISP shows up as a number. You find a link in my side bar to a place, where you only have to copy and paste the email header in a blank field and it will extract and track the originating ISP for you
If this ISP only leads to a gmail account - no problem either, you can follow up with step 3

3. step - the subpoena
you can take your case directly to the court in your home town and file for a subpoena of disclosure of personal information about the infringing party (pirate) , do not delete any emails but rather save them on CD to take along when you contact your local courthouse.
once you have the subpoena, send it to the provider and to yahoo, according to the DMCA the providers and social networks have to disclose the information, the same goes for Rapidshare, pando, mediafire etc.

4. the demand of termination of an account by abuse
repeatedly offending users will be reported more than once, subpoena or not - you can demand from a provider to take the person off the 'air' if they don't stop their infringing activities. Yahoo mostly does that as soon as they are convinced about the nature of the shares and the premeditation and repeat of the infringements. include your demand literally like that: 'I demand of you to terminate the account of the infringing party, since the infringement has been repeated' make sure the word 'demand' is included

little tip::if a person shares your stuff in more than one mails, file your complaints in a time delay of 24 hours, this way the provider issue a second (third, fourth and so on) complaint number and treat it as a second case of infringement, remember - they do it again, you can demand of the provider to block their accounts

5. when you file complaints, stay with facts and not emotions. we all know what illegal shares do to us mentally and we tend to give in to the anger and disappointment over the loss of income and the 'rape' of our work. This is ok and understandable, but keep professional correspondence professional.

complaints have to be filed a certain way and every place has their own 'forms' they want to work with, stick to those forms, don't forget to include the statements they need to have and your full personal information, a complaint is not a mail you send to someone to cry your heart out, it is an official document which is an important part of a lawsuit if it comes to this later on. many complaints get trashed right away, if the infringed party does not follow the form and instructions by filing it. Prepare model complaints to make it easy on yourself, once you have the model complaint, you just have to fill in your information about the case and your person, takes you 5 minutes and you can send it off to the provider.

I will upload all the model complaints I have, for different places and providers, just give me some time for that, I do this in my free time and so it will be a slow process until this blog is complete, when it comes to forms and explanations.

stay safe and don't let those mobsters out there get the best of you, always remember - they are wrong and you are the copyright owner, you have rights and need to demand those rights, keep fighting, don't be afraid or scared. It takes more than a wannabe mafiosi to bring an honest, working person down.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

new case - Jeanne Convis

a new case is coming up, a lady named Jeanne Convis, well know pirate and snag'nshare groups member is sharing oooodles of kits with illegal links to rapidshare, pando, mediafire and so on.

Her IP is
The first 'x-received'from' line, reading the header from bottom to top
Here is the link to the arin IP base, when you follow it, you see her provider with the abuse email.
The policies of verizon net require a complaint on paper, either way fax or regular mail
Verizon Corporate Services Corp.l
Patrick M. Flaherty - designated agent for DMCA notices
1320 N. Courthouse Rd.
9th floor
Arlington, VA 22201
Fax 1-703-351-3669

this one is buying once and then sharing with thousands of people - yes - YOUR hard work, YOUR hours of creating and your artwork, too.
She got targeted before in another group and vanished for a little while in the swamp of piracy underground, now she's back and it is time to stop her, once and for all!

let's get it on, should be easy enough since we know she is using her verizon email addy for committing her offenses - how thankful we are for such crucial information.

see you later with an update (or maybe tomorrow since I am working on some new releases.) What are you doing for a living, Jeanne? Shop lifting lol??? just a joke

oh, before I forget it, here is one of the original email headers (as always you can receive the material if you mail to )
X-Received: (qmail 22056 invoked from network); 30 Jan 2010 19:27:49 -0000
X-Received: from unknown (
by with QMQP; 30 Jan 2010 19:27:49 -0000
X-Received: from unknown (HELO (
by with SMTP; 30 Jan 2010 19:27:48 -0000
X-Received: (qmail 59450 invoked by uid 60001); 30 Jan 2010 19:27:32 -0000
Message-ID: <>
X-YMail-OSG: 5McUZd8VM1nKi8pePfUiQxeURCu_uf3LB1uC09N.yLNZI6GRks9qOXSSS60CmKRu7z13NunxzpBzu7WmnBsgfxlu.8_gI3ibpiSx2p6iOwEGzXi39JeJRm3zNMBwk6Afesv_crpd3qSem5aqsf5iL5xBc9JPbkKKf_X39Gd.2pp_nlRus0jsH45OF5zrDJF2XWh.1HpyCht9IxJQTFjv_mVuf6YXH6E6tr1_UpDGGNafSTTduZWgb6Js.M3cCbTOllyIU4xx.RGKRqJCv_HBqjpaORN2BDT5Hm8klJNtG5OycdvTQagaPpyWpvlOXCmwtRMKlToKKtmPN93Vu4O_VWf7DYnQDI3WTXMhIAVMCxTjte52NZdWX0wRNVqFO0HQgJui3saNUlFeADxM7YcIYYpDpQ4xJhOAkNcBXOhqe2N5UC3ES9YXuvqtPgw-
X-Received: from [] by via HTTP; Sat, 30 Jan 2010 11:27:32 PST
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/9.1.10 YahooMailWebService/
To: undisclosed recipients: ;
X-eGroups-Msg-Info: 1:12:0:0:0
From: ""

btw. the little blue arrows mark the mails I reported to the copyright owner, the others will have that arrow, too, as soon as the infringed parties contact NKDigitalArt.
Remember, nothing is accomplished with taking links down, provider complaints, yahoo complaints, gmail complaints and such are what really will make the right impression, the more often you file such complaints the more likely those offenders will be taken off the net. file one a day to the provider, another one next day, another one the 3rd day, this way the infringing party is considered as repeatedly offending and will get black listed sooner or later.

'Cease And Desist' notifications, what they are and why I don't believe in them

'Cease And Desist' Letters what they are and why I don't believe in them

what is a Cease and desist notification (CDN) and who sends/receives those?

the copyright owner of a product has the option, to send a notification to the infringer. This note is meant as a warning, it tells the infringing party to stop sharing and desist any infringing material uploaded by them immediately. It is a kind of 'last warning' before filing provider complaints, the last 'chance' to straighten up.

As I noticed increased illegal sharing of my products, I started sending such notifications to the culprits, having still the hope it will warn them and they will take it for serious.

well, in the most cases I was wrong. While some 'first time sharers' complied and wrote back to me with their agreement, the majority of pirates didn't reply and if they did - it was in an insulting and threatening way, not being grateful I just warned them instead of filing complaints directly, but hateful, obscene and with a language which I only heard before from fish grocers in the haven of Hamburg lol. See some of the examples in an earlier posting. This is how low they go - first they steal, illegally distribute my work on on top of that harassing and threatening me with their responses. I will not give those criminals the benefits of a doubt any longer, neither will I warn them with polite emails, blame it on yourself - you get caught sharing - you will get reported.

These warning also are a risk for the copyright owner, it 'warns' the hard core pirates and all they do is to run and hide, means - founding new groups (the 'secret' ones) and targeting the copyright owner with massive shares. (I had to take over 300 illegal links down after those letters have been sent, from all kind of file sharing providers who are supporting and nurturing with their policies art theft and piracy of criminal wannabe mafia organizations.)

Ever since NKDigitalArt decided, not to warn anybody any more. We see a product shared - NKDigitalArt is filing complaints, all throughout the US but also in overseas (remember the Millenium Copyright Act is an international agreement, piracy and art theft are forbidden in the most civilized countries and punishable by law, especially in European countries the law is a lot stricter than here in the U.S. when it comes to illegal file sharing.)

Such complaints are transmitted by fax (some overseas provider prefer to have 'something written' before they act - but they WILL take action if a case is made known to them, especially if someone repeatently violates the copyright law. They do even more - for example in Germany such cases will be submitted directly from the provider to the authorities for further investigation, since copyright infringement is a federal crime)

So dear pirates - cease and desist letters are not a threat but a CHANCE for you, if you ever receive one. Take it as a 'treat' , the copyright owner could also file complaints right away, it is up to the owner of the rights to decide if they give you a last chance to straighten up or not. You answer in a rude manner and non compliant - go ahead and suffer the consequences.

I stated the policies of NKDA earlier - this is how it will be - you share - we try all to get your internet connection (as a first step, we got to start somewhere, every further step will be a lot more unpleasant) - on top of that you will have your '5 minutes of fame' on this blog, since we publish such cases in all details from now on.

more later

have a great weekend

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lori Rhae - or - an employee of the Bank Of America involved in art theft, copyright infringement and piracy

This is a very special case, not the common pirate, who 'only' shares a link, no - this lady put some work in her criminal activities by first cutting out other peoples images and then claiming it hers by adding a fat watermark 'tubed by Lori Rhae' on my images. or didn't she put so much work in it after all......
and here are the images in question

this flower has been 'tubed' by her (after I had a graphic up at renderosity and also a kit available which contains exactly this flower) and no, Lori, just twisting the leaves around a little bit still doesn't make it yours. Who says so? THE LAW DOES.

now let's take a closer look to who Lori Rhae is, knowing quite a lot about her I want to share with you.

Lori Rhae (Rhae is her middle name)

Lori McGinnis

Tennessee USA 37681

(street and full address will not be published, it can be obtained by filing at your local courthouse for a subpoena, send this paper to the provider of the infringing party and they will comply to give you the full information about the person)

she owns an acreage there at that address ,
she's employed by Bank Of America in their reverse mortgage department which formerly was Countrywide Bank
her isp is Comcast

Return-Path: <>
Received: from your-96fc0aa548 (

two of the groups she uses as platform for art theft and copyright infringement are
and many many more

here an excerpt of a mail I received from a very trustworthy source

'Saddens me the way she's taken artist work and altered it too'

what is an insult in itself since beside doing some clean cuts (what every 5 year old can accomplish after some practice) her creative abilities are very limited not to say non existent, Ihave never seen a render of her DONE by her with her own imagination and abilities. This kind of alteration is called 'plagiatism' and it is also forbidden by law to protect the intellectual property of a person. (note: every piece of my work has its copyright officially registered, which is very helpful in case of a lawsuit)

, such as in this case what appears to be flowers from your kit taken apart and flipped one around and then put back together as if was her own work even renaming the file to a name of her choice.

she sure has to rename the file, otherwise a lot of people would get on her a@@ right away lol, she has more real art lovers in her group than she might think, and thankfully those make us aware of her doings. my thanks goes to all of them, god bless you, you are a great help.

She was offered a tubing job with UYA last year and turned it down because tubing for that small pay wasn't worth her time.

oooh, small pay isn't worth her time, but art theft is? I wonder how her employer reacts to this and if the Bank Of America pays people for stealing other peoples hard work to spread it around for free and taking away from a hard working woman's income. BTW I am a customer of this particular bank and will have a word with them.

Any consolation Lori Rhae also released another new tube today...a Cris deLara tube, . She scatters the theft around I guess.
no consolation at all, no guessing necessary, all license companies and artists know she does!
I find my greatest comfort in successfully filed provider complaints, which take the person in question off the internet for a while and get them black listed. What is so nice about this, the more often a person is black listed, the less they will be able to contract with a new provider.
just wondering what a provider complaint against Lori Rhae might cause since she is working online - or - if she even uses a connection provided by the Bank Of America for her criminal activities? lol now that would be a thing - a provider complaint about her reaches her employer, who doesn't even know what a tube is. I will have no problems to explain it to them, that is, my attorney will, he knows how to explain things a lot better than I do lol.

You have a good night and I'll be happy to pass on anything else I see from Lori Rhae of yours. If you had anything else at Renderosity site she probably grabbed it too. Which means it will probably turn up before long.
oh let her bring it on, I love to file complaints, if need be 10-15 in a row and I will not stop until she stops.

She works from home via computer and phone so tends to tube while on phone with customers.

now isn't she a gem for every employer and we all wonder why the economy is down. Obviously the poor customers who call for help don't know that while she is chatting with them, her fingers are busy tubing stolen artwork to ruin small businesses and to bring hard working people down.

read more about the case soon

I have to go back to work, since I need to make a living from what I paint

see you soon for updates

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stormy , a designer and pirate - sad but true

copyright infringement and illegal fileshares by fellow designer Stormy
another major case of illegal filesharing, piracy and art theft occurs and I think, the designer community should know about it, since this time it is not the common snagandsharer, but a lady, who calls herself a designer, this is her blog

this lady is nothing but a pirate, she shares kits in various social net works and should be ashamed of it. Not only mine but also many well known designer like shabby pickles, sweet shoppe, gorjuss, IAL, french frog and so on, also tubes from CILM, MPT, gorjuss, artwork by Dana Sitarzewski (jaguarwoman), me and others

in my opinion she is nothing but a DISGRACE for the designer and art community

I uploaded a screen shot of the recent shares, if you recognize your product, please contact and you will receive the original email, so you can take care of links and complaints, I contacted Dana and Suzanne already.

you find the screenshot of the illegal shares sent by this person here

her ip is( [])
her email
her yahoo profile beauty_stormy

it is pitiful, that working class designer and artists have to go through this kind of trouble to stop pirates like her, who calls herself a designer. DISGUSTING!!!!!

Stormy, if you don't understand what this is about, i am more than willing to translate it into German for you

here is the original mail header for those, who still cannot believe Stormy really has done this, oh yes, believe it or not, you can tell your fellow designers the truth and they don't want to believe neither hear it, oh luvydovy scrappy world - WAKE UP!!! this is a war and you will miss it lol, even worse - you also will be a victim of this person since she shares not only one kit but oodles of them. Go join those groups and see for yourself, maybe you will get the idea of what is going on in the scene by SEEING with you own eyes what you don't want to believe.
of course, if you consider piracy and illegal shares as a kind of advertisement for your stuff, then let her and others go on with it, I can care less and know how to take care of myself (but don't say you haven't been warned)

Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 25 Jan 2010 21:58:58 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 25 Jan 2010 21:58:58 -0000
X-Yahoo-Newman-Id: 20589218-m21437
X-Received: (qmail 65318 invoked from network); 25 Jan 2010 21:58:55 -0000
X-Received: from unknown (
By with QMQP; 25 Jan 2010 21:58:55 -0000
X-Received: from unknown (HELO (
By with SMTP; 25 Jan 2010 21:58:53 -0000
X-Received: from stormys ( [])
By (Postfix) with ESMTP id E3B5B181FCDDF
For ; Mon, 25 Jan 2010 22:58:51 +0100 (CET)
Message-Id: <4b5e1412.0000b8.03020@stormys>
X-Mailer: IncrediMail (5864332)
X-FID: FLAVOR00-NONE-0000-0000-000000000000
X-Priority: 3
To: "Pando Stars"
X-eGroups-Msg-Info: 1:5:0:0:0
From: "=?utf-8?B?LsK3OirCqOKZocKoKjrCty4gU3Rvcm15IC7CtzoqwqjimaHCqCo6wrcu?=
" <>
X-Yahoo-Profile: beauty_stormy

MIME-Version: 1.0
Mailing-List: list; contact
Delivered-To: mailing list
Precedence: bulk
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 22:58:43 +0100 (Westeuropäische Normalzeit)
Subject: [pando-Stars] KAT Template
X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: groups-email-tradh-m
Content-Type: multipart/related;

Angelica Sellers aka KatNKDA
Posted by Kat at 3:15 PM
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