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the purpose of this blog is, to document and expose cases of copyright infringement and illegal file sharing, committed by members of divers piracy groups on yahoo, google and other platforms. Each case published on this blog is proven by documents, which you can receive as a copy, if you send a mail to abuse(at)nkdigitalart(dot)us. The NKDA Team hopes to be of service to the community by exposing IP's of pirates (people who share the products of others without permission and/or against the will of the copyright holder), so other small business owners can protect themselves or at least be aware of the problem

This blog is not about 'shares by accident' , but it will be updated regular with cases of ORGANIZED piracy on social platforms, which can and will be proofed due investigation by forensic digital experts in co operation with a lawyer, specialized in international copyright law.

The postings on this blog will also show, how much of these illegal activities are organized and well planned with the goal to destroy small businesses and online stores period by threatening store owners either way to comply to the pirate's demands or to suffer the consequences in form of excessive file sharing of pay-to-use products.

additional postings about piracy generally and social structures in groups and/or social networks will also be published here.

the authors of this blog do not give legal advice, only sharing experiences and the results of research. For further steps you might want to take, please consult your attorney at law.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pando Stars - group take down by yahoo this afternoon

Goodbye Pando Stars 

- or - how a group owner together with 3-4 other members managed to get a 700 member group shut down in less than 24 hours after the first complaint has been filed

click here to read the whole story and see the original mails

a note to the ex owner of this group: your attempt to black mail me into taking this posting down was not your best idea ever. I will not be told by you or anyone, what to publish as long as it follows the TOU of blog spot. Be assured, I am compliant with blogspot and more than one person has attempted to shut me up without success. that is how it will stay. I refuse to comply to your demands and await your public apology for the last threatening mail during the next 24 hours, otherwise I will proceed in this matter. If you have no way to publish an apology, I will do that for your, please contact me in this matter if necessary.